“Weaponization of commercial drones is a global threat.”

That is the headline of an article written by Paul Joyal of National Strategies Inc., a Bravo Zulu partner in business, opening doors and introducing business relationships in the U.S. and overseas for Bravo Zulu’s drone detection and mitigation systems.

The opening paragraph states: “Nation-state military operations in Ukraine, Syria, and Nagorno Karabakh underline how drones are integral to modern military operations. One of the lessons Russians took from the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war was how mass use of loitering munitions is key to military success. Lessons from these conflicts are now becoming incorporated by nonstate actors in low-intensity operations.”

Threats to people and property by aerial drones has increased and will continue to increase.  The global opportunity for Bravo Zulu is immense and the recent operational moves by management are setting the company for continued success.