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We are Bravo Zulu – driven by technological superiority in the counter-drone industry, we are creating the industry as we go!

Founded on two decades of experience, the brains behind Bravo Zulu is an experienced specialist team of engineers, aviators and inventors who have manufactured and integrated UAVs from the R&D stage to operational flights in complex international airspace. Who better to counter UAVs than the ones who have built and operated them! Our prodigious team of counterintelligence mavericks is continually developing and delivering the most advanced solutions to combat rogue and errant UAVs. 

We provide the technology to help our clients enforce drone-free zones for airports, military applications, public events and ocean vessels to enhance the protection of people and property. Our superior counter-drone technology integrates Italian design with Swiss quality for performance that remains unmatched. 

We routinely customize Bravo Zulu installations to meet the complex nature and variability of our customers’ risk mitigation requirements. Our diverse product components can be modified to include complete multi-band tracking, including RF, Radar and GNSS signals for long-range detection, identification and jamming performance.



We Go Above &
Beyond For Safer

So We All Sleep Well At Night


Superior Aerial

To Protect People And Property


Be First

We are innovators. We use our creative and technological edge to design and
implement solutions to the growing challenges in the industries we serve.
Our intellectual property is fundamental to our leadership and valuation.

Do it Right

The novelty of our creation creates an unprecedented impact on humanity. Developing new age technology poses risks and challenges for everyone. We strive to mitigate this risk at all costs and make it safe for everyone. We love what we do and we will always do it right. No short-cuts.

Give Back

How can we help? We want our creations to be put to good use. We care about the people we work with and the communities we serve. Our innovations are designed with a view to make technology accessible, available and easy especially in the face of a crisis. That is how we sleep well at night.

Build Deep

Be nice. Relationships with our teams, our community and the environment matter deeply. We believe in and look for the good in people. We pay attention to who you are as much as what you bring to the table. Our company is more than a business. It is our family.

Relentless Pursuit

We are always advancing, creating, evolving and we won’t be denied. Somedays, we may crawl but we will never stop. We make informed, calculated, quick decisions in-line with our fast paced technological environment.

Count on Me

Our word means something. We are loyal and have each other’s back. We are trusted teammates because we are self-governed, task-driven and manage our time effectively. Our desire for honesty and ethical technological development attracts authentic individuals who we can rely on.

Who we work with

Bravo Zulu’s distinctive design-customization and service process has resulted in the delivery of our innovative technology to high-profile clients in the Military, Special Forces, Secret Services, Marine, NGO’s and Multinationals, as well as Anti-Corruption Committees, Banks and Security companies.


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The DroneRanger was awarded best end-to-end counter-UAV system and best
detection and determination system, in The MITRE C-UAS Challenge
versus 41 challengers from around the globe.


The products offered by Bravo Zulu may have one or more of the following capabilities with respect to third party drones and other manned or unmanned aerial vehicles: