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“Weaponization of commercial drones is a global threat.”

That is the headline of an article written by Paul Joyal of National Strategies Inc., a Bravo Zulu partner in business, opening doors and introducing business relationships in the U.S. and overseas for Bravo Zulu’s drone detection and mitigation systems. The opening paragraph states: “Nation-state military operations in Ukraine, Syria, and Nagorno Karabakh underline how […]

Drone Detection & Mitigation Demo in Europe

Bravo Zulu is pleased to participate in a demonstration of its Drone Detection & Mitigation equipment in Europe.  At the request of a top five European defense and security contractor, Bravo Zulu has been invited to demonstrate the long-range capabilities of the Drone Marshall at a military proving ground at an ultra-secure location. This may […]

Bravo Zulu Attending the ISE in London in Sept. 2022

Bravo Zulu will be attending, for the second time, the International Security Expo (ISE) in London on September 27-28, 2022. The first time Bravo Zulu attended the ISE, the Drone Ranger was a big draw because of its scale and long-range capabilities.  Government representatives, military personnel, and corporate executives were keen to hear about its […]

Drone Detection and Mitigation Demonstrations in the Palm of Your Hand

To further entrench itself in the drone mitigation market, Bravo Zulu has been working on the development of a single-hand-operation, line-of-sight drone mitigation unit dubbed the Sidewinder. This futuristic-looking hand-held signal jamming system, in its prototype phase, was able to defeat drones at a range of three-quarters of a kilometer.  The Sidewinder jams common drone […]

Drone Detection and Mitigation Demonstrations in Southeast Asia

Bravo Zulu is set to perform Drone Detection and Mitigation demonstrations in Southeast Asia, this Summer.   Through the months of August and September., the Bravo Zulu team and their regional partners will be performing nine (9) drone detection and mitigation demonstrations of various Bravo Zulu systems. The prospective customers are the army, navy, border security, […]

Middle East Drone Detection and Mitigation Delivery

Four new sets of Bravo Zulu DroneRifles with Power Packs have been delivered to a customer in the Middle East.  The customer was thrilled with the acquisition as the Bravo Zulu product was mitigating drones at a reported distance of 10km, five times the customer’s current capability with a competitor’s product. The more that Bravo […]