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Advancing drone technology has made crime and terrorism dangerously sophisticated. It is an essential priority of the military and government agencies to stay ahead of the enemy.

Consumer UAVs are cheap and ubiquitous, and terrorists now build their drones too. As a result, it is now far easier to carry out attacks on military and government agency targets with ease and precision.

Our fully-loaded solutions will operate in all environments and under all conditions and are equipped with: 

  • Fixed and mobile solutions with full UAV detection, identification, and programmable tracking system 
  • Omnidirectional and multi-frequency detection including RF, GNSS, GPS, and cellular signals
  • Automated EO/IR optical guided tracking and jamming guidance system with 360-degree rotation and 180-degree pan and tilt capability

Bravo Zulu also offers personnel carried counter-drone rifles for patrol and remote counter-drone jamming capabilities.  These systems can be self-contained, power-pack boosted, or tripod-mounted, depending on the situational requirement.


Our customizable solutions are equipped with:

Detection capabilities:

  • Radio frequency (RF) and/or radar systems with the ability to detect and track multiple UAVs (Swarms) simultaneously from multiple directions
  • Smallest Radar Cross Section value of 0.006 m²
  • 360 degree coverage in azimuth and elevation
  • 5-10kms range (customizable up to 20kms)

Identification technology:

  • Electro-optical and/or infra-red systems
  • Daylight and nighttime UAV identification in any weather condition
  • 5-10 kms range


  • Ability to detect and track multiple UAVs (Swarms) simultaneously from multiple directions
  • Multi-frequency RF GNSS, GPS, and cellular jamming to return the unit back to pilot or force landing
  • Jam all makes of drones, including homemade

Our diverse product components can be assembled to include one or more or all of the above features in a single solution to meet the complex nature and variability of our customers' risk mitigation requirements.

Our counter-drone defense systems are regularly customized for:

  • Critical infrastructure protection/protection of high-value assets

  • Military and Homeland Security

  • Prison protection against smuggling

  • Border protection

  • Airports and Seaports

  • Ocean Vessels

  • Police and Private Security Providers for Events



  • Self contained counter-drone jamming system

  • Ideal solution for visually detected UAVs

  • UAVs are neutralized immediately- point and shoot system block remote control RF signals across frequencies and/or GNSS

DroneRifle™ + Power Pack

  • Combination of DroneRifle and a jamming unit to neutralize UAVs at a longer range

  • Continuous jamming cycle of 45 minutes

  • Self contained counter-drone jamming system

  • Wired remote control allows user to control and command all jamming functions when unit is tripod mounted

DroneRanger™ / Skymarshall™

  • Military-grade detection and jamming range of up to 20kms

  • Pesky micro drones (DJI Phantom) detected at 2kms

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The DroneRanger was awarded best end-to-end counter-UAV system and best
detection and determination system, in The MITRE C-UAS Challenge
versus 41 challengers from around the globe.


The products offered by Bravo Zulu may have one or more of the following capabilities with respect to third party drones and other manned or unmanned aerial vehicles: